Facial hair transplantation is a commonly performed procedure in which scalp hairs are transplanted to facial regions lacking density and fullness

A beard transplant is a type of procedure that involves transplanting hair, typically from the scalp to the beard region. Men usually go for this type of procedure to thicken the beard they have or fill in patchy areas. It is similar to a typical hair transplant procedure, and the hair transplanted can be shaved or styled in any way after a particular period of time. It’s also possible to have sideburns, a goatee, or moustache hair transplants.

These types of transplants help to hide facial scars, recessed or cleft chins, burn damage, or sparse hair growth due to hereditary factors. It is a permanent solution, and the hair transplanted will grow naturally in a couple of months’ time, giving the patient a thicker and fuller natural beard. Some men choose a beard transplant to enhance their attractiveness because it helps them to hide, highlight, or deemphasize different facial features. Others want to restore or increase their beard hair to feel more masculine
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